Talking Together Survey

Talking Together Survey


The Government of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse are eager to build a new way of talking with the public, where you and your local governments learn how to work, talk and make decisions together.

We know we ask for your input a lot. This time we’re asking you to help us improve the ways we ask for your input, so that when you give your ideas, time and effort you know it will be valued.

Talking together about public engagement means we can get better at it, and we can earn your trust as you hold us to account for better conversations and decisions that reflect your input.

About this survey

This survey will take 5 to 10 minutes. There are four sections, each with eight questions about your experiences and preferences for engaging with government.

  • Your responses are anonymous
  • We will combine individual responses in our final report.
  • We will share responses with public engagement consultants and each government’s project team to help improve the engagement process.

Part A - Thinking Big

Question 1

Think of the best public engagement or important conversation you’ve been a part of. What made it meaningful?

Question 2

Think about how the Government of Yukon and the City of Whitehorse currently interact and engage with Yukoners. What is the biggest change or improvement needed to support more meaningful ways of talking and making decisions together?

Part B - Narrowing it down

Question 3

Learning how to talk, work and make decisions together is a journey. This journey needs signposts to help us stay on the right path.

Here is where you come in – we’ve drafted five guiding principles for engagement that we will hold at the forefront of our thinking when we engage with the public.

Pick 1 or 2 of the principles that are the most important to you and tell us why:

Part C – Learning about your preferences and expectations

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7

Part D - Final Thoughts

Question 8